got questions?

do these wraps work?

it's hard to believe... but yes, they do work!   in fact, these wraps have been used consistently by tens of thousands of people all across the world for over 10 years now.   the only way YOU will believe it, is to try it for yourself.

how do I get paid?

there are SEVERAL different ways to get paid by being a wrap girl.

you can sell our products to salons, spas and even health clubs.   you can be a' talent scout' and recruit other girls join the company.   you can enjoy your friends and family by doing home parties and local expos.   and, you can even build a website like the one you see here!

commissions to wrap girls are paid out weekly and monthly!

how many inches will my guests lose?

everybody is different, however, a common side effect of the wrap's ingredients is an inch loss of 2-4 inches from your waistline.   this number will, of course, vary depending on each person's toxicity level, and nutritional intake.

do I need inventory?

inventory is MINIMAL.   most distributors carry one, small bag (purse-sized) for all their party needs.

how much does it cost to join?

it's $199 to become a wrap girl and receive your business kit.   business kits contain 8 wraps, measuring tape, dream poster, padfolio, training program and more...

do you have consultants in my area?

becoming a wrap girl is a growing opportunity, and chances are, you will be the first in your area. contact us to find out!

how much money can I make?

your income is only limited by YOUR work ethic.   the following is a listing of company averages for MONTHLY income as of 2011:

distributor:   $71/month
executive:   $309/month
ruby:   $599/month
emerald:   $1,121/month
double diamond:   $6,035/month
triple diamond:   $10,541/month
presidential diamond:   $16,934/month
ambassador:   $31,928/month

I am currently a triple diamond wrap girl, and was able to quit my previous job as a family therapist!   and, if I can do it, so can you!

what's the catch?

no catch.

this is a fun, lucrative business available to wonderful women all over the globe.  

as you can see above... we tell you exactly how much you can expect to make, and we'll give you a specific training plan to get you there.  

come play with us, and you'll never look back!